Pod'HUMARD an ideal barrier against germsSince the Pod'HUMARD has been on the market, hospitals asked us to install it on their most sensitive doors

An hygienic door opening with the Pod’HUMARD, avoiding contact with the palm of the hand!


Did You know that the fact of touching door handles represents about 80% of the source of germs spreading? The new system Pod’HUMARD allows to open doors with your forearm or elbow instead of your hands! Furthermore, the Pod'HUMARD has a very efficient antibacterial coating.


The system can be easily fixed to any kind of door. «Pod» means «Protection open door» and it not only brings more hygiene and safety for people and society, but it also leads to substantial savings in terms of disinfection means.
The Pod’HUMARD was designed with the collaboration of Dr. Jörg Peltzer from Hospital of Jura in Delémont. This invention not only makes it easier for hospitals to contain virus transmission, but it can also contribute to improving hygiene in other institutions such as schools, shopping malls, businesses, etc.

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